Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please review our SLA agreement below for information pertaining to downtime and scheduled downtime.

Our commitment to you


We strive to deliver our 100% uptime guarantee, so we can guarantee a minimum of 100% uptime (excluding planned maintenance). This corresponds to a maximum unplanned downtime of 0 Mins, 0 Seconds a month.

This data refers to the availability of the platform for all customers/services provided. Individual instances may be temporarily unavailable for specific reasons (for example caused by a customer's action (or GAME Server SIDED CRASH or misconfigured NOT Our Side), customization or requested upgrades).

SLA Limitations

Our Service Level Agreement does not apply under the following situations:

Planned Maintenance: Generally an announcement will be sent out when system work will occur. No credit for any downtime will be given for planned work.

Software bugs, glitches & failures (Clients end): Software is not a part of the scope of our services. That said we do not cover errors, glitches, crashes or any service interruptions caused by software (or poorly setup / configured services) Interruptions caused by client: We do not cover (or credit) issues caused by you (the client) such as installing third-party files, software or the like.

SLA Claims

Our Service Level Agreement does not apply under the following situations:

  • For every minute of downtime, We will provide an equivalent credit or extension to the affected service.

  • To receive compensation, the client must create a claim via our support tickets, Please use your authorized client account.

  • SLA claims must be submitted within one five days of the outage.

  • Claims will be investigated & the outcome of such claims will be decided at our discretion.

  • Any fraudulent claims will be rejected and you may face a fine of $2.50 on your next bill.

  • We reserve the right to deny ANY SLA claims if we believe the client has purposely (caused OR attempted) to cause a service disruption to claim SLA credit (e.g: Starting a DDoS Attack against your service to collect on SLA).

  • We reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of our SLA at any time. Any changes will be reflected on this page.

    SLA Credit Chart

    SLA terms are verified each month. If the SLA was not respected, you can claim a discount based on the following:

    Node Uptime SLA Credit
    1 Hour Downtime 30% Credit
    2 Hours Downtime 50% Credit
    3 Hours Downtime 70% Credit
    4 Hour Downtime 90% Credit
    4.5 Hour Downtime 100% Credit

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