Team Fortress 2 Game Servers

Welcome to our Team Fortress 2 game server page, checkout our current pricing & features below!
***All Servers have Unlimited Disk Space!***

Features Overview:

Instant Setup

No Setup Fees

High Performance

No Overloaded Servers

Spy | $2.50/Mo

5 Player Slots
Non Dedicated IP

Pyro | $3.50/Mo

7 Player Slots
Non Dedicated IP

Heavy | $6.00/Mo

12 Slots
Non Dedicated IP

Sniper | $7.50/Mo

15 Player Slots
Non Dedicated Ip

Medic | $10.00/Mo

20 Slots
Non Dedicated IP

Demoman | $12.50/Mo

25 Players

Scout | $15.00/Mo

30 Players

Engineer | $16.00/Mo

32 Players

Special Package?

Contact us for special plans and pricing! You need a Server with unlimited slots? Dedicated IP? We're "Game" :)

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